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NuEnglish Inc. is an American, nonprofit, educational organization that aims to bring literacy to all English language learners and speakers. Full literacy will allow individuals to reach their potential, and greatly reduce poverty and crime. This spelling reform reflects pronunciation, while retaining conventional spelling as much as possible for compatibility with existing readers and writings.

President's message

Welcome to the official website of NuEnglish, Inc, a nonprofit educational organization. Here you can learn about our literacy crisis, and, more importantly, you can be part of the solution. For six years now I believed the only way to reform English spelling was to have a large number of schools use reformed spelling, but institutional inertia is almost unchangeable. Fortunately, I recently read articles that show individuals can take the initiative and reap the benefits of spelling reform. Translation: Parents can teach NuEnglish to their children, who will learn to read in weeks (instead of years), then transition to traditional spelling with little effort. For “proof”, read the articles “How Our Spelling Damages the Mind” and “English Orthography: a Case of Psychological Child Abuse”, found at Click here.

To that end, my Beginners’ NuEnglish Workbook is available for sale at Click here. Its price of $29.95 may seem high, but I’m not making money on it. The book is large format and in color throughout, and the run is short. I’m promoting NuEnglish because widespread literacy is an ideal, not something for me to make money on. In 2012 I will publish books in NuEnglish, such as Robinson Crusoe and 2150 A. D..


Gary Sprunk

You can write me directly at (Gary) (one) (at) (Sprunk) (dot) (org) [put all together using symbols].

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