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Giving children the gift of reading.
The Big Picture
EASY LITERACY Whereas only about half of students learn to read now, NuEnglish will allow virtually ALL students to learn to read (because the learning process will be extremely fast, and because the learning process will be so attractive to fresh minds who are attracted to simple, straightforward structures).
RAPID LEARNING Learning to read English usually takes 2 to 2 ½ years, whereas learning to read NuEnglish will take 1-3 months, thus saving about 2 YEARS of classroom time; thus EVERYONE will jump ahead about 2 YEARS in school!
BETTER FOR FOREIGNERS Non-native speakers don't need to be immersed in English to speak it well—NuEnglish spells out correct pronunciation.
IMPROVED LIFESTYLE The long-term benefit is greater happiness because of greater employment, greater productivity, less poverty and less crime.
CRACKPOTS? Advocates of fundamental spelling reform for English may be viewed as crackpots.
Well-known advocates include Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Isaac Pitman [inventor of shorthand], Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson, President Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, George Bernard Shaw and several prominent linguists.
POOR GROWTH? NuEnglish may not grow quickly or grow at all, stranding NuEnglish students in a sea of traditional English spelling.
The success of NuEnglish will be known within 3 months, so if it becomes a fiasco, the students can switch over to traditional English spelling quickly.
WEAK SPELLING REFORM? NuEnglish may not be the "right" spelling reform.
NuEnglish uses the standard 26 letters of the Roman alphabet, plus the 5 vowel letters with macrons (long signs), so NuEnglish is as much like traditional spelling as possible. It is one of the few reforms that indicates stress, which is important, especially for foreigners; stress distinguishes words such as trustē (trusty) and trust*ē (trustee).
NOT ENOUGH MATERIAL? There may not be enough books and other reading materials in NuEnglish for NuEnglish readers.
There is a NuEnglish computer program, called Respeller, that converts traditional spelling into NuEnglish, instantly and consistently. It will be free to the public and affordable to publishers, so any book can be made available quickly and inexpensively. Also, there will be Web browser and email browser Respellers to give NuEnglish readers a big window to the world.
$0—training takes 10 minutes; proficiency comes with practice.
$0—because students write in workbooks, they must be purchased every year; 1 workbook will not cost more than the series of workbooks that are used now.
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