Are we having a literary crisis in the United States of America ?
Accept the challenge of these seven questions to check your literacy awareness.

Q1 According to the most comprehensive literacy study ever commissioned by the U.S. government, what was the average yearly income of U.S. adults in the two lowest of the five literacy levels studied in the report?

Q2 How has U.S. adult functional literacy changed since 1993, when the most comprehensive study of U.S. illiteracy was completed?

Q3 According to the most extensive study of adult literacy ever commissioned by the U.S. government, at least what percentage of employees in U.S. businesses is functionally illiterate?

Q4 Functional illiteracy is costing every U.S. adult at least what amount each year?

Q5 Where did the U.S. rank in a recent 23 nation comparison of science and math scores?

Q6 Albert Shanker, President of the American Federation of Teachers, is quoted as saying that what percentage of "the kids who go to college in the United States would not be admitted to college anywhere else in the world."?

Q7 What percent of employers believe that public school graduates have the skills they need in the workplace?




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