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Book Reviews - " Let's End OurLiteracy Crisis", By Bob C. Cleckler
Reviewer: Dr. Robert S. Laubach, Laubach Literacy International

Once in a while one learns of an undaunted person trying to climb the highest mountain, or working towards the impossible dream. Such a person is Bob Cleckler, who is boldly proposing a [solution to our literacy crisis], and laying out a blueprint for its accomplishment.

Cleckler, armed with facts and figures, illustrates the cost to the national economy of the appallingly low rate of literacy in the United States. It's high time, he maintains, that we stop merely treating the symptoms of the disease of illiteracy.Let's get to work, he calls out, on the root causes of the disease.

I have been working for half a century helping organize bands of volunteers to reach out with literacy help to thousands in our nation.

My father, Frank C. Laubach (1884-1970), founder of the worldwide “Each One Teach One" literacy movement, spent almost every spare moment of his last 15 years promoting [a similar solution to our literacy crisis]. He may have been a little ahead of his time.

The “impossibility" of the dream in the first paragraph doesn't refer to the problem of developing a [solution to our literacy crisis]. Others, my father included, have proposed specific new systems. There is great agreement among them, as a common thread runs through them all.

What to do and how to do it are the simplest parts of the problem. The difficulty comes when the [new system] comes face to face with the vested interests in maintaining “traditional" [systems].

But as Cleckler points out, only in the past decade has our nation become aware of the vast cost of illiteracy. This continually rising cost may soon deem essential changes in the way we [teach students to read]. So Cleckler sounds the call once again to make order out of chaos. He not only sounds the call. He has developed an orderly [solution to our literacy crisis], and shows how to [implement] it.

Even the skeptic should take heed to his counsel. Those already favoring [similar solutions] should rally around. This is the time for concerted action on the part of all may well become the Reformation of the 21st Century.

Dr. Robert S. Laubach
Laubach Literacy International

A Five Star Amazon.com review: How to get this accepted, April 27, 2007
Reviewer:James Whitaker (Indianapolis, IN USA)

The quickest way to get this accepted world-wide is to build an English to NuEnglish translator into the Firefox web browser. Push a button, and the browser goes into phonetic mode.All someone has to do is submit the darned thing to the open source project, and it'll get into the hands of about 100 million people in a few weeks.It is not an entirely trivial undertaking. A simple dictionary obviously will not do the trick, because of the bizarre patterns latent in English. Some kind of semantic filter algorithms would have to be developed (and remain in a constant state of development) to get the translations right. However‚ suddenly about 300 million people would have access to the web in NuEnglish, and could drag and drop any form of computerized English into the web browser and be able to read 99% of it. Every English-speaking illiterate and functional illiterate in the world would be screaming at the top of their lungs in praises of glory.

Someone really should organize this.

A Five Star Amazon.com review: A must-read if you care about society, March 2, 2007
Reviewer:Gary Sprunk (Phoenix, AZ USA)

This book, I have come to learn, is the first one to both present the alarming extent and consequences of illiteracy in the U.S. AND to propose a real solution to the problem. If the author had laid out only the problem, the reader would be left depressed. If Cleckler had given only the solution, the reader would wonder, “Why bother?". But the 2 together make a solid case.

There's an abundance of documentation and detail, in places too much. Just skip over the heavier tables and graphs. Better too much detail than not enough. I don't agree with Cleckler about renaming the letters of the alphabet, or including 35 pages of sample text in NuEnglish when 5 pages would have been plenty. And that sample text showed inconsistent and sloppy use of NuEnglish, but that criticism is more of a quibble when considering the scope of his work. We need to roll up our shirt sleeves and start applying the solution!

A Five Star Amazon.com review: A must read for everyone as it affects everyone!!!, August 12, 2005
Reviewer: Christine Jones Author of the Mariard Volumes “CJ� (Australia)

As one who has been on a 30-year journey from illiterate to author, I was stunned by this book. Bob hits the nail on the head and it is an incredible read full of facts and solutions, which blow your mind to the problems of illiteracy and how it affects everyone.

This is not just a problem for the U.S.A but any English-speaking country and for those learning our language. It is a book you have to read from cover to cover and as you question, Bob gives you solution leaving you wondering why governments will not implement ideas that would benefit us all.

Bob also reveals the feelings of those affected by illiteracy, things we would not dare confess, yet we should, if we are to get support and change to this epidemic. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, as it affects everyone. I would especially recommend this book as a must read to authors of any genre, as it will answer why there is a decrease in readers, which we can do something about.

Hope this book gets on Oprah!!! And in the hands of those who have the power to implement change!!!

Christine Jones author of the Mariard Volumes (Three reviews are currently posted on Amazon.com about Let's End Our Literacy Crisis. All three have been five star reviews out of a possible five star maximum.)

Reviewer: Dr. Michael Shaughnessy, Professor of Special Education at Eastern New Mexico University

I have read the book, from the local public library and I agree with you 100 percent! Friday, November 11, 2005 6:25 PM Email from Dr. Michael Shaughnessy Professor of Special Education at Eastern New Mexico University, Michael.Shaughnessy@enmu.edu, to Bob C. Cleckler, author of Let's End Our Literacy Crisis.

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